Welcome to America Mortgage!

America Mortgage is your premier mortgage team located in the Seattle, Washington area and now all of California.  We have expanded. Our volume lending business model of passing lender commission incentives on to our clients has worked efficiently.  We give our clients our volume lending bonuses which leads to lower rates and cost.  With America Mortgage you get exact quotes with all 3rd party fees so you know exactly what all the expenses are. We pride ourselves on being the industry pricing leader and follow through of that great rate and pricing.

If you are first time home buyer, purchasing your dream home, refinancing an outstanding loan, or consolidating debt the highly experienced team of mortgage professionals here can help you take that first step.

Why Use America Mortgage ?

1. Exact rate and cost Quotes.
2. Local Washington and California Company.
3. E-signing
4. 30 plus lenders to choose from.  (When banks compete our clients save.)
5. Programs for all borrower profiles. (Asset or Bank statement qualifying)