FHA Loan.

The FHA loan is Government backed loan to help borrowers with less equity, credit challenges and/or employment issues.  The loan program provides funds for both the purchase and refinances of residential 1-4 unit properties.

Program Highlights

1. Only 3.5% Down Payment on purchases and 85% loan to value on cash out refinances.

2. FHA allows lower credit scores and leniency on seasoning times for major credit events. (Bankruptcy, short sale, foreclosures)

3. Government loans like FHA are flexible with guidelines related to Debt to income ratios.

4. FHA loans not as strict on employment history as conventional loans.

5. FHA rates are normally lower than conventional interest rates. (But requires mortgage insurance .85%)

If you have a job, access to 3.5% down payment and your middle credit score is 580 or higher.  A FHA loan through America Mortgage will get you there. For quick rate quote response fill out instant Quote for faster response complete the long form loan application in the apply now link.